29 Things to Do Instead of Drink Alcohol Fun Sober Activities

Midnight snacks, mocktails, and a night of fun and laughter with friends. Get the box of photos down from the attic or out from the back of the wardrobe. Take a trip down memory lane and put your favorites into photo albums or a scrapbook. Get hold of that book you’ve always meant to read or re-read a favorite from your childhood. Tuck yourself in earlier than normal and wake up feeling fresh and being fully rested at your own pace. If you want extra motivation to get to sleep, plan an early morning meetup with a friend.

No Booze, No Problem: A Sober Guide to Having Fun in Nashville – Thrillist

No Booze, No Problem: A Sober Guide to Having Fun in Nashville.

Posted: Wed, 10 Jan 2024 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Read Anything That Interests You

It allows you to catch some great live performances without the focus being the alcohol nearby. Engaging in team sports or joining a local club can foster a sense of community and accomplishment. Not every sober activity has to be about being healthy or improving yourself.

Begin your journey to recovery.

We can help you take the next step wherever you are and support you as you grow deeper into recovery. If you’re going to an event with alcohol, check in and really feel out your headspace before you attend. Attending a concert or sporting event when you’re not secure in your sobriety can often lead to relapse. Consider bringing a sober friend to these events to help keep you accountable and check in with yourself throughout the night.

fun sober activities

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  • Understand that substance cravings and relapse triggers are normal during recovery.
  • Perhaps a hiking trip to Machu Picchu, or a food tour of France?
  • Is there a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in your town?
  • Know when to say “no” when your sobriety is at stake.

If you’re looking for something slightly more tame, you can go out laser tagging, arcading, indoor skydiving, zip lining, or dancing at a silent disco. These activities are a great way to release stress and get your endorphins pumping. There is no better tonic for the soul than pouring your creativity into a project. You don’t need to be an artist to enjoy getting creative. You could make a scrapbook, or get into woodworking.

Attend Local Holiday Celebrations

Camping is a perfect way to break away from the busy world, be present with friends and loved ones, and reconnect with nature. If you’re looking for a weekend activity that doesn’t involve drinking, head to a nearby sober houses in dorchester ma amusement park for roller coaster rides and good eats. Take up painting, drawing, sketching, or even digital art. Rediscovering your creative side is a great way to find inspiration in sober daily life.

Finding ways to express those emotions is hugely important. Connecting with your creative side can be a great way to do that and a fun sober activity. If you need more help with sober living because you’re in recovery or struggling with substance use, there are addiction treatment programs out there.

  • Participate in a community cleanup and meet your neighbors.
  • If you were ever a gamer, now’s the perfect time to get back into it.
  • Start planning that bucket list trip, including a savings plan to make it happen.
  • It can seem like alcohol plays a part in almost everything these days.

Make Some Holiday Crafts

  • Try out a new recipe and cook together while listening to your favorite playlist.
  • At Gratitude Lodge in Long Beach our integrated treatment program helps individuals not only heal from addiction, but create a fun sober live they’ve always dreamed of.
  • But let’s dig a little deeper to better understand what this means.
  • Emotional triggers are often the easiest to succumb to.

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